The Different Roles Of A Language Translator


Language translation is a highly specialized profession. The nuances of language and culture make it so that you cannot rely on Google Translate for business purposes. Idioms and colloquialisms abound in informal and even in formal language. New Jersey businesses sometimes make costly errors, losing their reputations when they mistranslate their documents or multimedia. Language translators play different roles, depending on the mission, values, and goals of your business.

Translation Services For Public Sector

For example, the public sector in New Jersey relies heavily on professional language translators. The public school system needs language translators to make sure parents understand what is going on at their children’s school, and to encourage non-native English speakers to feel empowered and included in the decision-making process. The same is true for any other government service, such as law enforcement, in which the accuracy of communication is critical.

Translation Services For Healthcare Sector

Language translators serve a crucial role in the healthcare sector in New Jersey. Healthcare staff comes from diverse backgrounds, but it is impossible to ensure that all healthcare institutions will have hired people that can speak to every single patient. Inevitably communications problems arise when patients and their healthcare providers do not speak the same language. Both oral and written communications need to be translated accurately to prevent medical errors and to preserve the ethical tenets of the healthcare system.

Finally, the private sector in New Jersey depends on language translators for reaching new clients, breaking into new markets, and building relationships with customers. Your business might also be deciding to expand into other countries. You will need a language translator if you want to grow your business in New Jersey. The language translators at Accurate serve multiple roles, all of which help you and your business thrive.


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