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InterpretManager is a state of the art platform that combines two powerful functionalities in one user-friendly interface.  It’s an Interpretation Scheduling System and also an On-Demand Phone and Video Interpreting Portal.  Conveniently accessible from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, the platform provides a seamless connection between our clients and Accurate Language Services’ staff and interpreters.


Interpretation Scheduling System

InterpretManager allows all clients instant access to their account allowing them to request in-person, phone, or video interpreters via a convenient and user-friendly calendar system.  The platform also allows clients access to granular details of any appointment and detailed reports about interpreting assignments in just a few clicks.

Additional Scheduling Features:

  • User-friendly
  • State of the Art
  • Track all expenses
  • Digital Signatures can be managed on the mobile app
  • Appointment alert notifications can be sent through SMS, Email, and Push Notifications
Interpretation Scheduling System
User-Friendly Calendar System

Remote Interpretation System

The InterpretManager Platform is not just a scheduling system but also allows all our clients to have instant access to on-demand over-the-phone interpreters (OPI) and video remote interpreters (VRI). This works perfectly when an urgent or unexpected language barrier comes up and you need an interpreter immediately.

Accurate Language has the most advanced interpretation delivery platform!

InterpretManager’s network includes professional interpreters in over 150 languages. Access highly skilled interpreters within seconds without having to schedule an appointment beforehand.  Whether it’s for a parent-teacher conference with the school, a medical emergency, a court case, or a business meeting, Accurate’s InterpretManager, provides a clear, high-quality connection that will make you feel as if the interpreter is right there with you!

Remote Interpretation System

Instant Access to Interpreters

Designed to facilitate accessibility, InterpreterManager, allows clients to access over the phone and video remote interpreters in 3 easy ways!

  1. Landline phones/ cell phone
  2. Mobile app
  3. Web browser on desktop


All Accurate Language clients will have access to the InterpretManager platform.  There are no monthly fees or minimums for access to the platform.  Clients just pay for the phone or video minutes used at the contracted rate.


If you’d like to save time and money while accessing high-quality interpreting click here.


With Accurate’s InterpretManager Platform VRI is easy. All you need to get started is internet connectivity, a mobile device or computer configured with internet access, and a webcam; we’ve eliminated the need for acquiring or leasing expensive proprietary video hardware equipment and complex network installations.

High-Definition, broadcast-quality video experience

Accurate Language’s VRI technology ensures the highest image quality levels for seamless hi-definition video remote interpreting.

VRI via the InterpretManager platform provides on-demand support for the most common languages including American Sign Language (ASL). Rare languages are available for pre-scheduled appointments.

1080p High Resolution/High Definition video stream for a crisp, clear, and seamless video interpreting experience.

Accurate’s VRI services make it possible to:

  • Access video remote interpreters within seconds including American Sign Language Interpreters.
  • VRI allows users to see the facial expressions of the interpreter and know they understood what was said.
  • Confirm the meaning of non-verbal communication

For more information on our VRI services Click Here.

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