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World-Class Transcription Solutions in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

 Accurate Language Services offers the highest quality translation and audio/visual transcription solutions in over 200 languages. We guarantee accuracy and satisfaction for each project.


Flexible translation and audio/visual transcription solutions

Depending on your needs Accurate Language Services offers a variety of translation and audio/visual transcription solutions in Asbury Park, Philadelphia, & surrounding areasNot sure which option is best? We are happy to discuss your project and goals with you.   In the meantime, here’s a run down of the solutions we offer:

 Monolingual Transcription

The source audio or visual file is written out in text format in the same language.

  • (source language > source language text)
  • For example: English  > English, or Spanish > Spanish

Audio/visual Translation, also know as Interpretive Transcription

The foreign language audio/visual file is translated directly into another language.

  • (source audio language > target language text)
  • For example: Spanish > English or English > Chinese

For more information on our Translation solutions and methodologies click HERE

A combination of both Transcription and Translation

This is a two-step process where the source audio/visual language is first transcribed into the source language and then it is translated into the target language.  The end result is usually a ‘Double Column’ text document with both the source language and target language written out, side-by-side.

  • (source audio/visual language > source language text > target language text)
  • For example: Spanish audio > Spanish text > English text

Time Stamping

Accurate Language provides time stamping for both transcriptions and translations of your audio/video files. Time stamping provides a marker (at regular intervals) of where in the audio or video the text is found.  Time stamps are placed based on the frequency requested by clients.

Formatting options

We accommodate all analog and digital formats, to include, but not limited to: video, cassette, microcassette, CD, DVD, .aiff files, .au files, .dvf files, .mp3 files, .wav files, .wma files and may more. Final transcription/translation will be delivered as a Microsoft Word document. Accurate Language will accommodate all of your formatting needs!

Cost-effective pricing

Transcription projects are charged on an per minute basis and are quoted based on the length of the source audio.  If translation is also needed an additional per word fee may apply. There are multiple factors that affect the hourly rate to include: the quality of the audio, number of speakers, subject matter, source language, target language (if required), turnaround time, and frequency of time-codes.

Keep in mind that on average transcription and audio/visual translation projects can take anywhere from 8 to 12 times as long as the source material; so 1 hour of audio can take up to 12 hours (or more) to complete.

Quality Control, Editing and Revision      High Quality Translations Guaranteed

Once the transcription/translation is completed, an editor will review the document for accuracy and consistency (sometimes two editors are used depending on the technical nature of the translation). The editor is also a professional translator. Editors are tasked to assignments based on their qualifications and experience. Only editors who are technically qualified to ensure accuracy of the translation are tasked to projects.


Accurate Language is committed to client confidentiality and security. Everyone with access to a client’s information and translations are bound by our company’s strict non-disclosure requirements and recognize the importance of safeguarding this information.

Industry Specific Solutions

Accurate Language Services has experience in multiple fields, including but not limited to:
• Legal Transcriptions
• Medical Transcriptions
• Academic Transcriptions
• Investigative Transcriptions
• Focus Group Transcriptions
• Financial Transcriptions
• Podcasts and MP3 File Transcriptions
• Religious Sermon Transcriptions
• Research Interview Transcriptions

Languages Offered

Accurate Language has a vast network of highly qualified translators in Asbury Park, Philadelphia, & surrounding areas available to translate your next project. We currently offer solutions in over 200 languages. See our language list HERE for the most commonly requested languages.

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