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Accurate Language Services provides certified translation services for any document into any language in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.

Accurate Language Services follows industry and governmental standards for certified translations.  We guarantee that any government or non-government organization will accept our certified document translations as valid. Our certified translation services include Notary Public services as required.


Just as in regular document translations, our team of professional translators will translate your document into the target language ensuring that the original information is intact.  Our translators in Asbury Park & Philadelphia are qualified and highly skilled in their language pair and specialty field. All translations are created from a working language into their native languages, ensuring that cultural nuances are intact and information is accurate.

Some of the Certified Translation Services we offer include:

  • Child adoption agreements/ decrees
  • Criminal records, depositions, police reports, security clearances, court judgments
  • Diplomas and academic transcripts High School
  • Driver licenses, birth certificates, death certificates
  • Employment records, recommendation letters
  • Financial statements, corporate records, power of attorney
  • General correspondence
  • Legal contracts
  • Marriage certificates, divorce decrees, wills, inheritance
  • Medical records, immunization records, health cards
  • Name change certificates
  • Passports, ID cards
  • Real estate contracts, lease, titles, deeds
  • Visas, green card, immigration, and naturalization papers


Our certified translations are accepted by the following government agencies, plus many more:

  • US Homeland Security, (The National Passport Center and Immigration Services (USCIS))
  • Foreign governments and their local offices
  • Academic institutions
  • State agencies

Depending on your needs and the requesting agency, our certified translations may be on our company letterhead, with a Certificate of Accuracy attached.  The certificate is signed by Accurate Language Services and a Notary Public and stamped with a notary seal.   The ‘Certificate of Accuracy,’ verifies that the translation is a true and accurate translation.

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation in the US consists of a notarized letter/certificate, signed by the translator or translation company and attached to the translation itself. This letter affirms that the translation is a complete and accurate rendering of the original document. This certification does not necessarily prove that the translation is accurate, or that the translator is certified, so it is important to use a reputable company, accredited by the American Translators Association. Accurate Language requires that all translators be certified by the ATA, be native speakers of the source language, and have formal education in the target language.


When do I need a certified translation?

Governmental agencies, as well as most legal, financial, regulatory, and academic institutions, require certified translations when you are submitting foreign-language documents.

Accurate provides a fast turn around time for your Certified Translations in Asbury Park, Philadelphia, & surrounding areas.  Send your document directly to: translations@accuratelanguageservices.com for a free quote or call: 732-898-9144.

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