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If you are looking to get into the field of legal translation, you’re in luck, because the industry is certainly on the rise. The demand for legal translators across international law firms is growing due to the increased awareness about the importance of this role in any and all law transactions. Multilingual law firms are excellent opportunities for legal translators, and there are a variety of reasons why these individuals are so important.

Law Firms Are Obliged to Have Translators

Legal translators are required by global law firms when they are dedicated to merging with companies that speak different languages. Sometimes, law firms will have office locations across multiple countries, and these translators are needed to ensure that all legal documentation remains the same and is standardized across all locations.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Comes into Play

The FCPA, otherwise known as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, is an important global act that protects businesses against bribery on an international level. Legal representatives must comply with this act, and the best way for them to do so successfully is for them to work closely with legal document translation professionals. That way, they can ensure that there is no bribery or scandal across international branches.

Translated Documents Are Required by the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission requires that all non-English language documents be translated into English for better understanding. All law firms that work in international locations or with international clients are required to hire a legal translator to help them with all of their official documents.

Some Translations Are Required by Law

No matter where the law firm opens a branch, they are required to abide by the law of that country. Sometimes, they will receive documents in that country’s native language, which will then require a certified legal translator to translate those documents into English. This will help the law firm understand whether or not they are in understanding of the country’s requirements. This also helps them to be able to perform the same type of work for their clients abroad.

Invest in Reliable Legal Translation Services Today

At Accurate Language Services, we can provide world-class legal translators to help you access any foreign documents you may need. It’s important to uphold a reputation for honesty and reliability in your law firm, and our translators can deliver top-quality work at record speed. You can rely on us for individual attention and professionalism to help keep your business going.


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