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To compete effectively in a global marketplace, precise, high-quality translations are a necessity for your business.

Accurate Language Services provides business translations and website localization services in New Jersey & Pennsylvania to help companies expand and stay competitive globally.

Business Translation Services in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Our team of professional translators has vast experience translating documents and websites for companies navigating and entering the global marketplace.  We can help you achieve global expansion goals.  We have extensive experience translating the following: 

  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Corporate manuals
  • Corporate policies and procedures
  • Marketing materials
  • Instructions
  • Internal communications
  • Product package
  • Websites (Localization Services)

Business Website Localization Services in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Localization is essential for businesses in or entering the global business marketplace.  It is the process of translating text into different languages and adapting the content to a specific country or region. Accurate Language Services adapts your website to the linguistic, technical and cultural requirements of the foreign target market.

Our team goes beyond regular translation of your web content so your message can be clearly delivered to your international audience.  The localization process at Accurate Language Services includes the 5-Step Quality Assurance Process plus an extra step where we put emphasis on phrases, terms and colloquialisms of the region.  All translations are completed by native speakers of the target language, as well as subject matter experts in the content that is being translated.   We update the translations to include cultural references and cultural idioms ensuring an accurate presentation of your company and its message.  Additionally, we proofread our translations specifically for grammatical and cultural content, ensuring that the intended meaning of the text is adapted for the target audience.  Our goal at Accurate Language is deliver a high quality translation so your company can succeed in its international endeavors.

Choosing an experienced translation company for your international business needs is crucial.  Our team will be happy to review your documents and provide you with a free quote and project outline, call us at 732-898-9144 or e-mail: 

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