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Technological advances as well as the need for convenience have allowed for the evolution of services like video remote interpreting. Besides on-site interpreting and over-the-phone interpreting, there has been an increase in demand for video remote interpreting services. 


In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 20% growth in the employment of interpreters and translators for the period 2019-2029, 16 points above the average growth of 4% that is forecasted for all the occupations during the same period. This is due to the increasing globalization and a more diverse US population. 


Moreover, the global phenomenon COVID-19 has caused a strong shift in people’s mindsets on remote working. Before the pandemic, 17 percent of U.S employees worked from home 5 days or more per week, a share that increased to 44 percent during the coronavirus pandemic (Holst, 2020).


These are just some of the reasons why the industry as we know it is changing. Next, we’ll cover why you should consider using video remote interpreting services.


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What is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?


Before we continue,  we’re going to answer the question ‘what exactly is VRI?’. Video Remote Interpreting uses video conferencing technology, equipment, and a high-speed Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to provide the services of a qualified interpreter, usually located at a call center, to people at a different location (NAD). 


How does Video Remote Interpreting work?


When an on-site face to face interpreting appointment is not feasible or practical, VRI technology is the ideal format for professional real-time language access. Clients will be connected via high-definition, broadcast-quality video in their interpreting sessions and supported by professionally certified, US-based, VRI trained, and qualified interpreters.


Reasons why clients choose VRI


1. Convenience


With VRI, you have the possibility to access experienced and qualified interpreters from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You’ll only need a strong internet connection and enough bandwidth to allow seamless communication through a video call.


2. Availability


With this technology, you’re able to access a network of professional interpreters on-demand. Long gone are the days of having to schedule interpretation appointments. The world we live in forces us to understand that plans can change and that interpretation services require flexibility. With VRI services on-demand, you can rest assured that you’ll have an interpreter to help you right when you need it. 


3. Client Engagement


Video Remote Interpreting can help our clients engage more personally in their interpreting sessions as non-verbal communication (including body language and facial expression) further facilitates empathy and clarity of understanding more than over-the-phone.


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Overall, convenience, availability, and client engagement are three of the reasons why you should consider using video remote interpreting services with your clients. However, it should be assessed on a case by case basis as every client has special needs or preferences.


Do you need help deciding whether video remote interpreting services are right for you? At Accurate Language we’ll be happy to assist you. We have expertise in video remote interpreting, on-site interpreting, and over-the-phone interpreting to fit your needs. To contact our team Click Here.

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