Remote Interpreting: 5 Easy and Impactful Tips for Interpreters



Whether it is over the phone interpreting or video remote interpreting, one thing is for sure: remote interpreting is here to stay. Industry trends have shown the effectiveness of remote interpreting during times of social distancing. Convenience and lower costs compared to on-site interpreting have made remote interpreting the norm in legal, business, healthcare, and educational settings, whether it is spoken-language or sign-language interpreting. This means that it is a great time to shift to remote interpreting if you haven’t done so already. 

Below we’ll cover 5 easy tips to make your interpreting sessions the best they can be.


1. Find a quiet and professional-looking space


The first thing you should look into is finding a private and quiet space to hold the remote interpreting sessions. Try using a room that’s the furthest from the main living area in your residence to avoid disturbances. This is very important especially if there are other people living on the same property as you.

When doing a video remote interpreting assignment, always check your surroundings before starting the call to make sure it looks professional.  Make sure it’s clear of clutter (clothes, dishes, personal items). The background of your video call is also a reflection of your professionalism.  

Natural lighting can be a game-changer in the quality of your video. Try sitting facing a window so that you make the most out of the natural light coming in. You should avoid having a window in the background because of the contrast it may bring to your image. 




2. Have a backup internet connection


Technical issues happen. We might not know when the next power outage will occur or when your internet connection will be spotty. But the best way to approach these unfortunate scenarios is by being prepared. 

In the event that the power goes off, make sure that your mobile device or computer has enough battery to last for the whole duration of the call. You can also consider investing in a mobile internet hotspot device. These are most frequently offered by your mobile carrier network. 

If you don’t want to invest in another device, and you’re feeling unsure about your internet speed or overall connectivity, you could also kindly ask your neighbors for their WIFI password (ahead of time) in case of emergencies.



3. Invest in your equipment


In order to provide a high-quality interpreting service and feel confident in doing so, you need to make sure that you are well equipped and by that, we don’t mean having to purchase the latest smartphone or laptop but by making sure that their features allow for seamless communication. 

Usually, your device comes with a built-in HD camera and microphone. If this isn’t the case for you, don’t worry! There are plenty of affordable and good-quality webcam and microphone options online or at your local electronics store. 

With audio calls being the most frequent request for remote interpreting, it is highly recommended to get a USB headset. These will make the job easier as voices go clearly from one end to the other with the built-in microphone. Moreover, having a USB cable plugged in can give you a sense of security as you don’t rely on a Bluetooth connection.





4. Practice your pace and intonation


Are you feeling nervous before an assignment? Practice, practice, practice! You can try recording yourself interpreting and then listening to that recording to check that your volume, tone, and pace are easy to understand. 

Additionally, if you’re using video, you’ll have the chance to preview what your surroundings look like and the amount of light you’re getting.  



5. Be on time


Last but not least, be on time! There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than feeling that you’re late for an important meeting. Try logging in to the call a few minutes prior to the scheduled time of the call. This will help you gain confidence as you focus on the call ahead. 

We are all still getting adjusted to the new developments in the interpreting industry, and it is a perfect time to switch to remote interpreting if you haven’t done so already. 


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